Today was a day when I felt proud of what I achieved at the university so far. I decided to go on little trip to B&M (wish it was B&Q) and get some decent quality plain frames.

These screen prints and a linocut look so much better framed. The passe-partout gives the artwork bit more room to breathe and the frame makes the work complete.

Hope you’ll like it. 🙂 (is it only me who finds this emoji so passive – aggressive?)


VITAMIN D by Emma Dexter

What a great book. So many absolutely amazing artists and their stunning illustrations. You can literally easily get sucked in and for hours just dig between the pages, finding more and more beautiful pieces. I have few favourites, but about this in a moment.

The intro to the VITAMIN D got me little confused. The author is constantly using word ‘drawing’, but actually talking about ‘illustration’. According to the Shorter Oxford Dictionary ‘drawing’ is something formed by line drawn from point to point of a surface; representation by lines.  However, when going through the book we will see not only drawings, but also paintings and graphic work (such as e.g. screen print), which would make us think that Emma Dexter wants to present illustration in general more than only drawing. She speaks of it as something that served as the most efficient and effective means for immediately sketching new ideas or visions. It is by nature vibrant and experimental. And as the artist featured in VITAMIN D illustrate, never before has drawing as an art form been more dynamic.

Here’s list of my favourite artists from the book with an example of their work:

  • Daniel Zeller
  • Zak Smith
  • Frances Richardson
  • Wangechi Mutu
  • Sandra Cinto

The five sense exercise





The whole experiencing of the outside world is happening through our senses. Taking away even one of them can really make huge difference in the perception. As artists we need to make sure that we are using all of our sensation while creating. That way we will give the best encounter to the viewer.

On today’s workshop we were given an exercise to strengthen our feelings.

With each drawing that we made we had to focus on different aspect, different sense.

Here are the mine drawings:


On today’s studio session we had an opportunity to get a review on the work we’ve been doing. 

We had to design A3 printed pages for each project and present our ideas to the class in a 4 minutes speech.

We received a vocal critique from our tutor and we were also getting anonymous opinions of other students written on the posted notes (what a cute way of getting review). 

It is very important that we know how to talk about our own work in an intelligent way on academic level. If we can clearly communicate what we want to achieve it will be easier for the public to understand our piece. 

Whole experience was very beneficial. It teaches that is absolutely necessary to show our projects to other creatives and discuss what can be improved. 

Facezine. Sketchbook pages.

Facezine is a project I am currently working on. 

Don’t take things at face value 

The story behind each person is different. From nature we are rather shattered creatures that wouldn’t share the most personal and touching life experiences. There are the most inspirational. We could be a factor that pushes and encourage each other. 

The Zine will be a collection of different people’s stories. I will start with my own story… 

There are some sketchbook pages: