What is Illustration?

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of illustration states that is “a picture in a book, magazine etc. or a process of illustrating something”
Is this the only right way to define it?
Somebody could say ‘is a quote from The Cambridge Dictionary this must be the truth!’ – and this person would be right.

Someone else could disagree and say that ‘Illustration is so much more than only this!’ – and that person would be right too.
The truth is: there is no right, there is no wrong. No rules apply as long the interpretation is supported with correct arguments.
Now, this is what the illustration is in my eyes:
Why would you put it in such square box and hermitically close it up only into book and magazine pictures? For me illustration could be anything that you are able to see and what would address to you some sort of information or emotion. Think about your day from the beginning. You are bombarded with thousands information from the moment you open your eyes. How many of these are presented to you in visual way? Are all of them a flat picture on a piece of paper? Maybe some of them are electronic, maybe some are moving, other ones could be 3D what would make them a sculpture. There is so many, even countless ways, to present an idea and address something to the receiver.
Illustrator here is a surgeon that carries out an operation on an open hearth of our soul, pulls the finest strings in it, does amazing things to our mind. The most important for him is to create work that makes us stop and take in that piece of knowledge he tries to share with us. Andrew Keller said on twitter “The average person scrolls through 300 feet, or a Statue of Liberty, of mobile content every day”. Companies are struggling to create posts that be real thumb-stoppers, that’s why illustrator must be smart and consider what he wants to communicate through created piece and who is his target.

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