Brief encounters:


OMG how random! Can’t believe it just happened!

How many times in a day can you say that quote? New experiences, even the small ones, are our everyday brief encounters. They can happen at any aspect of our life, from bumping onto someone in the Liverpool Tube station trying to catch a train to seeing something highly influential in the Evening Standard.

The very first task that was allocated to us, young aspirating illustrators, was to look for brief encounters in different places and document them. These eventually should evolve into four different illustrations.

It is very easy to passively walk by all wonders that London has to offer. Especially when you lived here for several years and all you think is been there, done that. When you actually raise your head and look at your surroundings there are so many unappreciated and forgotten beautiful buildings, sculptures, art pieces, landscapes etc. All of them just one look away from to be seen and treasured. This task has reminded me to don’t keep my head down when walking through city streets and help me re-discover the beauty within it.

That is the outcome of the project:

Brief encounters:


  1. “urban” Ink + mixed media on 300g paper. 




















   2. “Cheek”  Ink + mixed media on 300g paper. 

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