5th of October 2018 IVM year 1 + 2 exhibition.

Last day of the very first week for Illustration and Visual Media students. We all have completed our task and prepared four illustrations on brief encounters from different sectors.

On the talk we have been introduced to an idea of Design Cycle. The illustration is a final project of many complicated thought processes. Starting with selection, going through deconstruction and reconstruction,  then finally interrogation. In between these there are smaller contemplations. This is an ongoing, constant procedure. Even when we think that the work is complete and finished there is always room for an improvement.

Experiment with it!

Push your boundaries!

Get out of your comfort zone and create something new and fresh!

That is what we are here for to reach the utopic uncacheable. The most powerful people here are we, and it all depend on us if we let ourselves grow.


Today’s workshop was built around selection. We were split into smaller groups and discussed over our illustrations, choosing one that should go up for an exhibition. It is very important hear what people have got to say on our work. there is no better critique than one that comes from someone unrelated, with completely fresh look. Quite often they can see something that we couldn’t after staring at the picture for countless hours. Sometimes piece that in our eyes is the strongest, it’s not precepted in that way by the viewer.


The chosen pieces made it onto walls and tables, built up our first group exhibition.

Over 120 artists from different countries and backgrounds, united at IVM course, all together shown their work in one room.

Isn’t that incredible?


Here’s some pictures from that day:



Also check out #IVMEX18 on the Instagram.

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