Design cycle – deconstruction.

What is a deconstruction? Deconstruction is an analysis of created piece, is to spread out the complete work into elements. Is to think and rethink over and over again what we are presenting.

Everything has got a meaning. The smallest component could diametrically change a perception of what we trying to show.

Before we do anything deliberate why are we doing it, what impact is going to have on the finish work. Starting from the very basics – our materials.

The medium we use results in some sort of a character the work will be getting.

The type of paper, the shade of white, brand of the pencil. Everything matters at this stage. It is extremely important to choose the right tools to go with the right content. As our tutor said “choose your weapon right!”.

White speaks the louder. Often the uncovered piece of paper or canvas leaves room for imagination. Use it wisely!

The exercise we were set:

  • Choose one of our brief encounters and cover every white space left on the page with our left hand (if you right handed).
  • Cut out whatever we just coloured in:
Deconstruction step 2.
  • Create a separate, fully thought out, picture of elements that we cut out:
Deconstruction step 3.
  • Create an 8 pages booklet:
Deconstruction step 4.

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