Free your mind! Be creative! Let yourself be – anything or anyone you only want to. There are no restrictions or limitation. The only borderline is your imagination.


The adulting is killing our inner child. We have learnt how to protect ourselves from reality and built a barrier that would protect our vulnerability. The whole seriousness that we are surrounded with takes away room for imagination. The real challenge is to don’t forget and don’t let our creative spirit fade away.


How inspiring was today’s Studio Session! We had to drop everything and go to Elephant and Castle shopping centre look for inspiration. We had to keep our eyes wide open and look out for something that muggles (that’s how I call non-creative) would just pass by not paying any attention to.


After 30 minutes of wandering on different levels of the shopping centre together with Alex, we decided to seat down and sketch down our ideas. As soon we sat down, we got approached by lady J. I must confess that she isn’t a person that I would naturally talk to, what actually only proves the saying “don’t judge book by its cover” (or maybe I am a stupid judgmental person?). Looking bit ratty, in dirty clothes and hair that has not seen a shadow of comb in past couple of weeks she has opened her hearth and told us a story of how closely related she is with the centre. Sadly, due to gentrification and area glorification the Shopping Centre, that turned to be more of a Community Centre for locals, is going to be closed down and eventually destroyed. J said that this is a community cleansing, and even if there are active movements against getting read of, bit rough, but still the most iconic building associated with the area, the contract has been signed and next year the shopping centre will be there no more.


This is just what we needed to complete today’s project, which was 8-pages micro magazine. When we got back to our studios, we had 30 minutes to create 8 illustrations with a narrative of what inspired us in the Shopping Centre. Once the sketches were ready they had to be put together into micro-mag.


See the results for yourself:


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