As humans we are all different. All of us have got different opinion and different point of view. That’s pretty amazing! It’s what makes world a colourful place.

Are we all able to express what are we feeling? Are we able to describe what is our opinion and why it should be counted? Can we find arguments to support what we have to say?

Often, we are scared of sharing our way of thinking. Ironically, we all would like to know what others think about our work. Which means we would like them to objectively and constructively critique what we have create.

Obviously, the toughest judge will always be us. However, is hugely beneficial to listen to others, and compare their point of view with ours.

The critique makes our work complete and let us improve with every step we are taking.

Unfortunately, there also is deconstructive and destroying kind of critique, that we have or will experience on our artistic way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although the way the opinion is projected could be motivating, or full of harm. It depends on us in which way we will absorb others opinions.

During our Studio Session we have learnt what kind of vocabulary to use as university students. It is important that we present ourselves in professional way and always have arguments behind our opinion to support it.

In groups we were asked to create a poster on ‘How to critique’ :

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