Interesting fact about the internet is that 65% of population has not got access to the world wide web. Does it mean that they’re missing out? Or maybe they actually have control over the information they are fed. Yet 35% of the word that is connected to the endless web of possibilities that internet gives, therefore the news that they’re shown is controlled by someone else, not their selves.


Google and many more commercial search engines, are reading through articles and websites with their ‘web spiders’. Once they have read the website, its unique URL address is saved into the index. Loads of sites are able to be found this way, there are even more that are stopping the web spiders, therefore would not share the information with google user.


The deep web holds information that are hidden away and could be found only in certain way, via databases.


Here are some useful databases worth remembering:


  • Mintel – find here statistics and trends,
  • Artfilms – looking for contemporary movies, documentaries. That’s the place.
  • Credoreference – projects mind-maps. Could be useful to start the research from, as it gives wide spectrum of ideas.
  • Bridgeman education – holds information at art history visuals. It is a great tool to research artist and find what they have created.

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