Subconscious painting.

What is honesty in the performance art?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary honesty is ‘telling the truth or being able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat or lie’. The honesty in performance art is telling the truth on the stage. Artist is stripped only to his own vulnerability and sharing his pure, raw emotions with the public. However, to be able to completely connect with others, most important is to stay honest within our inner persona. Once the platform of trustful communication is found the performance is powerful, moving and emotive.

I have been invited by violinist Shir Victoria Levy to join one of her concerts and transfer my feelings onto canvases while she’s playing.

The ability to be honest implies sharing what’s within with the outside world. It requires dialogue with another; an exchange. And yet as a performing artist, being honest is a dialogue we mostly have with and within ourselves: a fascinating paradox. In order to be honest with another, we must be honest with ourselves. True honesty requires one to be in communication with the inner self and to be ‘in tune’ with one’s intuition. As a result of intuitive connection, the performing artist can swiftly experience and reacts to each emotion thought the material provokes.  – Shir Victoria Levy

In result of this collaboration I created three A1 size subconscious paintings. Each of them took about 6 minutes to be finished. There was no time to overthink. Pure, naked feelings transferred from my head onto canvases. Standing on the stage with hundreds of eyes leaned on me I felt stripped down only to my artistic vulnerability. This is a momentum between the artist and the viewers that is really difficult to describe in words.

This was very first time I took part in such a show and I must say I am very pleased I did it. It was something different and completely new for me. It’s very much coming out of the comfort zone and breaking up a bubble that I was sat in. I did thinks that I have never done before and felt emotions that never accompanied me while painting.

Here’s some photos and paintings from the night:

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