The task that we were set was to pick a song form a list and create a nine frames story board to it. I was very excited when I saw that along with the rest there was a song by Bjork, that I adore since I was a teenager; therefore my natural choice was Isobel – Bjork.

The lyrics of the song are not a clear story line and don’t make much of sense without a background that Bjork has given in the interview for the Rolling Stones magazine. She says that Isobel is not-a-human born from a spark in peach black forest; is a creature of lust married to herself, that reminds overconfident people the importance of ‘things’. She sends a message carried by moths who sing to people ‘la la la la la la’ until they understand.

Even with Bjork’s explanation the song is still not quite clear and leaves a lot to imagination and personal interpretation.

Here’s the story board that I made:

I am not fully happy with the imagery produced by me in this project. It is great start to something bigger, however in my opinion they are super flat and need more connection between the background and the actual objects.

I am proud of the choice of colours that interact very nicely with each other. Red and blue are contrasted colours that both work very well on the black background.  

There are areas to improve on. I will remake the piece for the final submission.

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