My initial idea was related to etymology of my name – Samuel.

Samuel comes from Hebrew; therefore, Hebrew was the alphabet I was trying to get familiar with.

I planned to cut out, using the laser cut, many Hebrew symbols and attach them to each other; then hang them on an installation in a way that they’d make an illusion of a face.

Another idea was to research Jewish heroes of 1st and 2nd World War. With the laser-cut cut out their names in Hebrew and have them hanged in Jewish cometary.

Both of these ideas were not something that I was feeling passionate about, therefore I was not feeling confident enough to make more than couple of sketches.

One of important moments was when my friends and I were texting about the project. I realised then that we are using a lot of ‘emojis’; I thought that emojis became some sort of alphabet of a modern language. I decided to use ‘emojis’ as an inspiration to my project.

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