First project for year 2 students of Illustration and Visual Media started while we left the university for our Summer Break.  We have been tasked to create our own Art Manifesto, throughout research and experimentation. It is to help us stay in shape during long break and keeping busy, but also to help us find out purpose of our art and shape the individual direction of the artwork. Next step is to put created Manifesto into 15-120 seconds time-based piece; it could be in a form of a short movie or an animation. 

What is a Manifesto?

Manifesto is a public declaration of the intentions, motives or views of an individual or a group of people. When considered as an Art Manifesto it would declare these values for a specific artistic movement or an artist himself. It gives a definition and a means of expressing and recording ideas.

The form of a Manifesto is normally a number of statements in a numeric, or non-numerical order. They don’t necessarily must be connected one to another.

Examples of Manifestos:

Anti-hate manifesto by collective of Polish artists.

Over 120 Polish artists – musicians, actors and other public people – organised an action #ARTYSCIPRZECIWNIENAWISCI (artists against hate).

Their manifesto:

  1. Openly talk about hate and fight with any form of hate.
  2. Support any positive acts of society, that will change ways of communicate and the reality that we are living in.
  3. Educate children and teach them to be open, sensitive and tolerance to others.
  4. Support anyone directly affected by hate, so they don’t feel alienated in uneven fight.
  5. Take legal consequences to people who proudly spread hate speech.
  6. I sign all comments with my name and surname. If you don’t want to do it, do not anonymously hate.
  7. Remember and remind that no one is actually anonymous in the internet.
  8. Increase legal consequences for administrators of online portals where hate is spread.
  9. Support legal help against hate.
  10. Merge all artistic forces together to fight and succeed against hate.
  11. Remember and believe that world we live in can be better because we are the world.
Original manifesto in Polish.

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