Getting political and expressing it throughout artistry is not easy. Much of research is required, to don’t make unfounded accusations and understand both sides of the conflict. 

I realised that this project won’t be easy and I need to prepare myself for different reactions from my audience. People are very personal about their values and believes, sometime even violent towards others not-like-minded, therefore it’s risky of me to choose such a public problem as a topic of my project. 

Due to ongoing fight between LGBTQ+ and homophobes in Poland the right-winged government was promoting their propaganda under creating ‘LGBTQ+ free zones to protect our families’. Some of local newspapers were including stickers with crossed rainbow flag with the print, so people could join the movement and glue them on their doors or any public places. 

There was a quick reaction from supportive organisations – they have issued papers with ‘Hate Free Zone’ labels. The online society reacted quickly as well and produced dozens of posters and graphics to support LGBTQ+. One of them was a fakebook profile picture rainbow frame with ‘Hate Free Zone’ which I have applied to my profile photo. I thought that I cannot do a lot not being in my homeland, but I can at least pick the side. 

As soon my new profile picture was published my ‘friends’ – people I went to school, neighbours or ex-collages, called me “faggot”, “cook sucker” etc. 

I was not sad, rather disappointed and hurt. Thinking that all of these people were nice to me at one point and suddenly turned against only because of my sexuality, or me supporting LGBTQ+ – it just isn’t nice feeling. Also, it has opened a door that I thought I closed behind me long time ago and all these dark emotions came back. Some of them (ex-freinds) would still have a cheek to ask me to design or illustrate something for them. 

Anxiety Personification – Sketchbook Pages

This constant fight between both sides happens to be very popular topic in media, there is a lot that already has been said graphically or in a written form. Therefore, is important to do enough research and come up with something fresh, although still relevant. 

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