Aim of this unit is to help us as illustrator engage with identity and social engagement. To explore how visual media and social relationship combine help us indicate where we are at in our human culture and how it impact on society, therefore impact on us.

For Project 1: Identities & Place – Migration and Graphic Storytelling we are to combine image and text and create a short graphic story as an outcome. That should be achieved by exploring the relationship between objects, subjects and the interrogations of contemporary image making practice.

The background for the brief is a problem of migration, showcased throughout visual media including text. That should be based on research and choice of 19th, 20th or the 21st century.

While unpicking the brief I was trying to think unconventionally and answer question ‘Who/what migrates’. Throughout the brainstorming I created a sociogram that depictures my thinking patch:

Sketchbook pages

I decided that my project will be focusing on ‘microorganisms’ and how they move from one place to another. That would incorporate years of my professional work experience as a Biomedical Scientist with a great passion for microbiology and working in the laboratory.

The world that we are surrounded by isn’t built only by things that we are able to see and observe. Often we are rushing to make a judgment on out one-dimensional understanding of surroundings, however there are micro and macro worlds that co-exists together with our. Microorganisms are living microbes that cannot be seen by a human eye without help of specialised equipment; often forgotten in day-to-day life, yet very fascinating. They could be significant for us to keep our immune system healthy, but on another hand they could also be pathogenic, even lethal.

Every time we open the door, shake ones hand, or get our skin in contact with any surface, we spread the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that live on our skin. They not necessarily must be the dangerous one, but in fact we help them migrate.

This migration, as well as many other reasons, has started many outbreaks and caused epidemic, some of them have grown to global scale – pandemic.

Epidemic outbreaks in 21st century:

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