I was flicking through my old microbiology books and studying shapes and behaviour of singular-cell organisms. They all had that classic look known to all from biology handbooks. However, while reading the description I was picturing them very differently in my head. Instead of these boring forms I thought I would showcase them in a way that I imagine them:  

Micro-flora – sketchbook pages

Story board

◾Frame one – Open palm,

◾Frame two – Zoom in -> microorganisms visible on the open palm,

◾Frame three – Person is using the hand sanitizer,

◾Frame four – Bacteria are panicking and some are most are killed; there is significantly less of them compering to frame two. (these left are called refugees),

◾ Frame five – Handshake,

◾Frame six – Cross contamination of the bacteria – migration

The idea is still to be developed and sketched properly, possibly finished as an etching.

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